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Nomas AS rated AAA by Bisnode

Nomas AS rated AAA. AAA is highest credit rating and rating AAA is repeated for 2016 for Nomas AS by Bisnode credit evaluation. This underlines Nomas AS as a strong partner for You and with the strength to support new projects within manufacturing of metal parts. Whether metal thin sheet or metal CNC chip removing, milled or turned metal parts.

Rating at Bisnode:

  • Highest credit rating
  • Rating: AAA

Bisnodes’ AAA financial rating of Nomas A/S, is as expected and in line we our prior ratings from Bisnode.

Nomas AS has a very strong financial setup, primarily based on self-financed manufacturing and a strong capital reserve to cover new projects and established customer requirements. We use Danske Bank as our partner to secure a strong financial position, both in Denmark and in Europe. This combination makes us financially strong and is our security for our customers’ products, in agreed quality, delivered as agreed and in a secure manner.

To choose vendor is an important decision and the financial strength at selected vendor is vital to secure success in future cooperation in a smooth manner. A financial strong partner, is the basis for a successful setup of new manufacturing of metal parts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for quotation or in case of questions. Copy of credit evaluation from Bisnode can be forward on request.

Jan Laursen, CEO
Nomas A/S

Germany state budget 2015 in surplus – 3rd year success for Germany

It is now confirmed, that Germany’s state result 2015 ended in a surplus and this is for the 3rd year in a row.

A steady rebound from nightmare levels in 2009-2012, where over 300 billion Euro was the accumulated total deficit and this has now turned into  a minor, but increasing surplus situation over the past 3 years.

Surplus level for 2015 reached 0,6% of GNP. There is not doubt this requires ongoing strong control from the German government, but can they keep the pace? It can show a very positive picture for the logomotive in Europe and a new positive trend for all companies and the demand in general.

How can and will this positive change affect Europe? And how will the demand in the Danish industry be affected from this change? Can it be a game changer for Germany and the rest of Europe?

Source: Handelsblatt

New TruBend 5130 from Trumph – Bending up till 3230mm

A new TruBend 5130 from Trumph with CNC-3D and a maximum of 3230mm bending length has just been installed. TruBend 5130 gives higher flexibility and possibilities within our thin sheet production.

TruBend 5130 has a span within steel of 0,5-5mm and a span within aluminium of 0,5÷6mm. TruBend 5130 has automated fastening of tools for quicker setup and production changes. This adds to higher repeatability and improved precision in our work. The new 4-cylender drive technology contributes to higher quality in bending and helps continue our goal of high quality productiong within thin sheet products.


Jan Laursen, CEO
Nomas AS

Metal boxes and cabinets – Thin sheet production

Production of customer designed metal thin sheet boxes and cabinets in thin sheet metal and powder painted in customer choice of colour and with sub-assembly of simple components before shipment as agreed.

All production of metal thin sheet products are based in East Europe to secure a short delivery time, to hangle prototype production in a smooth manner and to keep a close contact between our customers requirement and our production sites. Our experience within customer designed boxes and cabinets in metal thin sheet is long and we are able to delivery a broad line of products within this product segment.

A typical start is based on prototype production to secure quality and elimination of errors. Based on approved prototypes, production can be initiated.

Powder painting of metal thin sheet products is part of our surface services. In colour specification, RAL colour is not enough as specification, as RAL colour in powder paint is different from supplier to supplier and it is therefore important, that established colours are specified with specific colour part no. and supplier name, so correct colour is secured before production.

EMC protection of boxes and cabinets is also delivered, based on our customers specifications.

All metal think sheet production is done with a basic focus on quality, delivery and a competitive setup.


Jan Laursen, CEO
Nomas A/S

Rubber-metal products

Rubber-metal products is a niche within our production segments, but delivered to a core part of our customers to fullfil their special requirements within this segment.

Production of rubber-metal products is based on prefabricated metal components for later vulcanizing of metal to rubber. Rubber type and compound is specified by our customers.

All production is based on our customers specifications and requirements in regards to technical and design requirements and delivered as agreed. Typical production is between 500 – 5000 pcs per production. All rubber-metal products is based on special produced injection tooling.

Contact us for further information and dialog about your requirements within this product segment.


Jan Laursen, CEO
Nomas AS

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