Nordic Material Supply A/S is foremost a manufacturing company, with manufacturing in East Europe and Asia of metal parts, whether steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or POM parts.

Our main focus is customer designed metal components and constructions, where we as a manufacturing management company secures high quality, delivery as promised and a competitive price level. Our primary manufacturing of metal components and constructions are within carbon steel, stainless steel,brass and aluminium products and accessories hereto. Our manufacturing management includes core manufacturing, surface treatment and assembly of metal sub-components and constructions, all in accordance to our customers design and specifications. As accessory to our core metal production, we can offer packaging solutions to match our customers’ requirements and the finished products. Beside above core metal manufacturing, we have a niche of specialized POM milling, injection molding of plastic’s and vulcanized metal-rubber solutions. All with a focus to cover our customers’ requirements and solutions in the best possible way we know.

Based on our manufacturing setup in East Europe and Asia, we have a competitive low cost structure to secure our customers continued competitiveness in the years to come. To support this, we also try to keep a narrow and streamlined cost focus within the company, with limited administrative cost, overhead and limited fixed overhead in general. Our primary operations are at our customers and our manufacturing sites, to secure best solutions and best long term solutions for our customers.

We try to keep a close cooperation with our customers, where new solutions and products are in focus to improve the results in the manufacturing flow. We secure an effective sourcing setup with our customers’ requirements as a core focus. We work for the easiest solutions, as simple as possible ordering flow, focus on good results with high quality and delivery as promised.

For our customers, our core competence is within the ability of supplying metal components as ordered, delivered when promised and at a competitive cost level. We can cover a larger span and variety of metal components, due to our flexibility as a manufacturing management company, within manufacturing of metal components, constructions and accessories hereto. We aim to support a must simpler purchasing setup for our customers, a reduction in number of suppliers and on top a more cost competitive cost structure and ability for our customers to save time in the daily work within securing purchases of metal components, whether steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium or POM parts. Surface treatment and subassembly are added too, depending on our customers’ requirements. We aim to have an effective and efficient logistic setup as a manufacturing management company and with the core focus to serve our customers with the best quality products, best customer support, delivery as promised and on top a competitive cost level. All secured through a narrow focus on our manufacturing setup and cost effective operation.

We are ambitious and creative, systematic and focused in our work – All in all to secure a professional focus on our customers’ business and requirements.



Our core vision in Nordic Material Supply A/S are;

  • Strong manufacturing management partner for our customers
  • Core supplier to our customers – one stop shopping
  • Our customers preferred supplier within metal components
  • High quality level, delivery as promised and a competitive cost level

Our vision is our guideline for our decisions to keep the path for a successful future, for our customers and our company.

Our reliability is to support our customers through the best support and sustained solutions.

Our customers’ success is our success.


Jan Laursen, CEO

Nordic Material Supply A/S