Nomas AS rated AAA. AAA is highest credit rating and rating AAA is repeated for 2016 for Nomas AS by Bisnode credit evaluation. This underlines Nomas AS as a strong partner for You and with the strength to support new projects within manufacturing of metal parts. Whether metal thin sheet or metal CNC chip removing, milled or turned metal parts.

Rating at Bisnode:

  • Highest credit rating
  • Rating: AAA

Bisnodes’ AAA financial rating of Nomas A/S, is as expected and in line we our prior ratings from Bisnode.

Nomas AS has a very strong financial setup, primarily based on self-financed manufacturing and a strong capital reserve to cover new projects and established customer requirements. We use Danske Bank as our partner to secure a strong financial position, both in Denmark and in Europe. This combination makes us financially strong and is our security for our customers’ products, in agreed quality, delivered as agreed and in a secure manner.

To choose vendor is an important decision and the financial strength at selected vendor is vital to secure success in future cooperation in a smooth manner. A financial strong partner, is the basis for a successful setup of new manufacturing of metal parts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for quotation or in case of questions. Copy of credit evaluation from Bisnode can be forward on request.

Jan Laursen, CEO
Nomas A/S