Nordic Material Supply A/S is Your supplier of quality steel products – manufactured in East Europe or Asia. The steel products are being prefabricated by Turret Punching, Laser cutting, CNC processing, Plasma and Edge cutting. Different Surface Plating Technologies and sub-assembly of the components, before shipping final parts to industrial customers.

The choice between Turret punching, Laser cutting and Plasma cutting is based on product design and surface plating requirements.

We aim to be the core sub-supplier of our customers steel products, including assembly of steel components, surface plating and silk print if required – Cost effective manufacturing, high quality level and competitive pricing is our core business.

We have a unique position in our market segment and required manufacturing capacity in our production facilities within steel prefabrication. Majority of production sites within steel production are monitored under ISO 9001:2008 certificated production. Our large capacity and broad experience within steel prefabrication support a flexible manufacturing setup and a large knowledge base for steel production.

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We have worked within the steel segment for years and with successful results for our industrial customers.


We prefabricate a line of steel parts for our customers, based on prefabrication of thick and thin sheet steel alloys. Additional surface plating within hot dip galvanizing, powder paint or a line of other surface treatments. Below You can see a selected part of our steel products.

Nordic Material Supply A/S was founded in 2004 and prefabricates metal components and constructions in good quality and at competitive prices. Compared to our competitors, we are a cost effective organization, without expensive headquarters and no expensive production in Denmark. We deliver your products in a good quality, at agreed delivery time and at a competitive price level. We work to be your preferred supplier of metal based products.

Core parameters in our work are, that we are here to prefabricate quality products as specified and delivery as agreed. All production is based on production-to-customer-order and our prime customers are within the Danish industrial segment – Quality, Delivery time and Competitive pricing. To guaranty good products, we aim for an on-going close dialog with our customers, which gives an efficient knowledge transfer of required information and optimal understanding of the customers products and usage. Dependent on how products are used, product design and dimensions, we choose the best production setup and technology. We can deliver a line of products made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, based on sheets, profiles, bars and pipes; always based on our customers design and requirements. We support a line of technologies to support our customers products, high finish, tolerances and designs. This includes cutting, bending, milling, grinding, surface plating and painting, and sub-assembly of metal components before delivery.

Technologies and services:


Surface treatment Technologies:

Tolerances and Norms:

We operate under RoHS, ISO and DIN norms as specified by our customers.

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We handle all kinds of prefabrication of steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminium.

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