Nordic Material Supply A/S key focus is manufacturing of customer designed products made of metal, in good quality and delivered as required.

Majority of our production are concentrated on;

  • Thin sheet prefabrication, based on steel and aluminium sheets,
  • Steel products and constructions based on thicker steel sheets, pipes and bars,
  • Stainless steel products,
  • Aluminium products and constructions and
  • Extruded aluminium profiles with prefabrication.
  • Prefabricated brass and copper parts and
  • Vulcanized rubber-metal and rubber-plastic parts in specialized customer designs.

In our work we are focussed on our customers quality requirements and have a clear priority here in our work:

Priorities in foucs:

  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Price

The priority is as shown, quality first, then delivery time and finally our competitiveness. Our customers must rely on our good quality products and delivered when required to fulfill their manufacturing needs.

Nordic Material Supply A/S is concentrated on securing an efficient supply chain to our customers and to satisfy their needs. In our work we concentrate on good quality products and in line with our customer’s specifications. To secure best possible results we always work toward a close dialog with our customers and collection of all vital information to secure successful production and deliveries.

Customer orders

We work on an on-going follow-up on all open orders and supply our customers with feedback whenever required. Only the best is good enough for our customers.

When our customers have sent us their orders, we secure prompt reply and efficient follow-up. We act as our customers extended purchase department in regards to timely follow-up and feedback from our production sites. When You have given us Your orders, You can concentrate on Your core business, as we will take care of the rest.


Nordic Material Supply A/S prefabrication of products are in majority done in production sites monitored by ISO9001:2008 certified production. It is vital to secure a continued high quality level and uniform production output, which require documented production and quality processes, so we uniquely are able to service our customers at the same high level, again and again.

Our production sites are characterized by long experience and deep knowledge about required production technologies. This secures good, uniform quality and established quality routines.

Language and employees

Nordic Material Supply A/S work to maintain a group of well trained and experienced employees, which locally can manage our production sites to serve our customers requirements. We have our own employees to secure a satisfactory quality level and delivery time as confirmed to our customers.

Production and communication requires proximity to our production sites and deep knowledge about local languages. Our employees are anchored solidly in the local community and with the same nationality as our production sites. This secures required knowledge and understanding of local cultures, specificities and requirements to our production sites. Our proximity to local production sites are furthermore, the prerequisite for easy, fast and cost efficient production control and monitoring of on-going production orders – The basis for high quality and delivery as confirmed.

Underlying systems – Navision Dynamics

Nordic Material Supply A/S implemented in 2009 a new production system to process customer orders efficiently and with an increased security in logistic setup and with improved monitoring of ongoing production orders. Microsoft Navision Dynamics is the basis for our logistic and production monitoring. All ongoing production orders, specifications and solid information are updated in our Navision Dynamic system to secure systematic and reliable processing of data, covering the full logistic chain – from our customer’s orders and key punched and to the finished products are forwarded to our customer’s warehouses.

Delivery time and terms

For established and ongoing production we have about 4-5 week’s delivery time, depending on volume and product. Our capacity is large and we can serve our customers by a professional logistic setup. For new customers and production setup, we require a few weeks to establish production documentation and clarification of details and when all is set, delivery time is as for established ongoing customers.

For established customers we normally work on a payment terms of net 14 days. Credit maximum is established on the basis of credit approval by Atradius.